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Are you an  artisano humanitero ?

Are you an artisano humanitero?

This website’s onwards section (third one up in the main navigation panel) had long been neglected, for things not being ripe enough, especially with my own mindset with respect to figuring out a clearer and more concrete prospect for the future development of my initiative. But we all know that the case is that sometimes things are kind of slow-cooking in our inner being until, one day, everything seems to arrange itself quite nicely and… voila!

As a result of this slow process, but especially my readings and meditations of the last few months, something actually emerged rather fast, and, in just a matter of two or three weeks, I devised what I present here today: an initiative for showcasing in that section a nice array of people who can fit into the category of artisanos humanitero (idea which I presented in this blog post weeks ago). They can submit themselves and their creations through this form.

And the showcasing page, artesanos humanitero, is already added to the onwards section. For now, I am starting to just add some featured illustrious artisans I have come to know about who, in my opinion, are illustrative of the concept of craft productions as cultural assets.