the petroglyph-ish graffiti

the line 2016.jpg

This (above) is the image (September 28, 2016), included in the page ‘The line’ of my website, for which I found a connection with prehistoric petroglyphs. It was photographed in Ljósvallagata, the street that runs all along the back edge of the cemetery in central Reykjavík. And I found the same one again on September 7, 2017, in perfect state of conservation:

the line 2017.jpg

But, again, there was still a picture of a second version of the same graffiti that I had taken in that same day of 2016, in the same street, very close to the site of the first one. The execution is slightly different, but it is obviously the same motif and, presumably, with apparently a high degree of probability, made by the same hand:

2016 no publicada.jpg

I find it so special, outside the standard Western graffiti lore conventions, that, as well as in the category the line, I am happy to place it in the most honourable one of otros artistas too.