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As you may know, the page ‘The line’ of this website is accessed by clicking on the same picture that opens today’s blog post, which I took in 2016 in an exhibition of the Faroese artist Hansina Iversen held that year by Copenhagen’s North Atlantic House (otherwise known also as The Nordic House). This picture, and Iversen’s art in general, are the icons of this long term investigation of mine that I call The Line...

In 2017, after travelling for 3-4 days with my brother and friends in the Feroes, I stayed by my own for another few more days, accomodated in the Hostel Kerjalon, Tórshavn. Kerjalon is itself a more affordable annex of the very luxurious Hotel Føroyar, so I was allowed to spend time at the public areas of the Føroyar, mainly the extense reception desk area. And it was there that I discovered this painting:

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I failed to see any signature, but, if the author is not Iversen herself, the style is unmistakably hers...

Just by chance, at the same reception area they had a very nice book, written in Faroese, precisely about Hansina Iversen!! I made a couple of pictures and, later on, went into a bookstore in downtown to see if they had it.

Yes, they had it!!

I purchased the book, and here are some pictures of it (clic on the image to change picture) that I have taken today in my office:

This artist that represented the icon of my ‘The line’ research seemed to follow or surround me like a hypnotic presence in those extra days I spent by my own in Tórshavn. I visited Hansina Iversen’s website and wrote an e-mail to her contact address, hoping perhaps to have a chance to meet her there. But I got no reply.

I could, nevertheless, admire one of her most prominent works of art to date, the public work she was comissioned to do for the building of the national Faroese Parliament:

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