ground floor reappearance

a 2-10-2016-2.jpg

Given that urban (ground-level, if you wish) art is inherently ephemeral, my heart is always content to reencounter its gems in a new visit to Reykjavík, and this was certainly the case with this splendid ground-floor version, which I photographed on October 2, 2016 almost besides the bus terminal and the city airport (you see an airplane  taking off in the left). Let us call it (a).

Until now I showed its photo in the page 'the line' of this website, but I had omitted (I will add it later on) a second example, (b), which was located only meters away. Here is the picture, taken on the same day:

b 2-10-2016.jpg

And here it was again the following year!!! (photo taken on the seventh of September of 2017):

c 7-9-2017.jpg

For adding here a precise note about their location, I looked today through Google Earth. Here is the information:

vista lejana.jpg

And, finally, on a closer inspection of the Google Earth images, I was amazed to discover that they both can be seen there as two white stains on the darker surface of the pedestrian way:

vista cercana.jpg