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collective survey


(“you”, the submitter, are an individual or organization/center, rooted in the Nor’atlantic realm, who/which cares about the intrinsically cultural, non-commodity potential of crafts and has made / knows about modern pieces of artisanry representative of this ideal)

I want to learn from your expertise! Help me build up a special dream-space in this site to showcase your very specially selected pieces of humanitery crafts. (Big or small. As humble as you like. As glorious as you deem).

First, watch this femtodocumentary (46 seconds only):

Want to contribute your own cultural asset as a Nor’atlantic artisan? Submit your information and (lower section of this page), your craft’s image(s) (or one image of it and another of yourself, your center, your place…). All will appear, as it is, in the relevant showcasing page of this website. Most thankful for your contribution! Let us grow a wonderful collection!

Name it (eg.: a pendant reminiscent of a 17th century Isle of Mann's silversmith pattern)
(what it represents, why it matters...)
Artisan's name
Artisan's name
(what the submitter and/or author does, what their role is in their community, why they live there...)