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collective survey


You, the submitter, are an individual or organization/center, rooted (meaning, for the most part, that you are physically based or were raised) in the historical/cultural cradle designated here as the Nor’atlantic: Greenland; Iceland; Ireland; Norse-Gaelic Scotland and Mann (comprising the historic territories of Isle of Man, Galloway [i. e. Wigtownshire and Kirkcudbrightshire], all mainland Argyll, the Atlantic section of Inverness county [i. e. Lochaber], the Atlantic section of Ross & Cromarty [i. e. South West, Lochcarron, Gairloch and Lochbroom], all of Sutherland, all of Caithness, the islands of the Firth of Clyde [i. e. Arran, Bute, etc.], the Inner and Outer Hebrides, the Orkney and the Shetland); and the Faroe Islands.

Help me build up a dream page in to showcase your very specially selected pieces of humanitery crafts.

First, watch this femtodocumentary (46 seconds only):

Want to contribute your own cultural asset as a Nor’atlantic humanitery artisan?:

1) See the REQUIREMENTS at the bottom of this page.

2) Submit (next) your information and (further below) up to three photos of yourself and the craft (or, if you are a center/organization, of the author in behalf of whom you submit and/or the craft and/or yourself). You are invited to add your watermark as you wish. The photos will be displayed in this site with it (or without it, if that is fine for you), plus the Craft Humanitas’ watermark.

Name and/or description (eg.: 'Accolade', a pendant reminiscent of a 17th century Isle of Mann's silversmith pattern)
(what it represents, why it matters, ...)
Artisan's name
Artisan's name
(what the submitter and/or author does, what their role is in their community, why they live there, why they are working that craft, how it all began...)

Historical craft pieces exhibited in museums are the prototype of a cultural asset. They are (at leas for now…) out of the marketized channels, representing only, on the whole, a shared cultural legacy. They are cultural assets. But not the only cultural assets of this world.


  • If you, the submitter, are a person, you can be just anything from an acclaimed successful fashion designer to a perfect nobody, I want you all in this initiative! A piece of craft submitted by you (big or small, as humble or glorious as youy like) will be just as valuable as soon as

  • it belongs to a type of craftshumanship that you deem historically or culturally central to the psyche/soul of your region (eg., for Iceland it could be knitting or scribehumanship/calligraphy), and

  • you do not envision it as something to be given away in exchange for money (that is, a commodity), but, rather, as a token, a statement, so that,

  • typically, it ought to be unserviceable for practical purposes (including its usage as an adornment), squarely falling within the category of a cultural asset. Say, for instance, that, instead of a full woollen jumper, you knitted only a sleeve and two collars, all of which display uniquely antique patterns, and hung them together on a wall: totally unpractical, and with an only marginal aesthetic or artistic value, but rather loaded with historic and cultural evocations, it is better appreciated for its educational dimension, with a role more aptly described as didactic. Caught it…? For some graphic examples (although rather gigantic ones!), see here.