Juanele Vicentidóttir (submitted by Cocochos, Center for Nordic Cultures)

No sabía hacer ni la O con un canuto, but he became one of Iceland’s most celebrated perlistas del siglo XIX.

Juanele en casa, circa 1867

What he enjoied most in life, according to his family and friends, was to stay at home stringing his Greenlandic pearls (que, por cierto, se elaboraban en Japón). In the whole country, nobody else worked with this material, which he obtained from his father’s commercial trips to Greenland and Terranova.

Juanele combinó 300 perlas blancas (las más difíciles de conseguir en los mercados groenlandeses) sobre un fondo de mariposa celta, cuyas connotaciones, según comenta, reviven el glorioso pasado espiritual de las tribus de sus antepasados.

Main entrance of the Cocochos archives.

Main entrance of the Cocochos archives.

Cocochos is a leading regional center for historical research. They graciously submitted this information and the images from their archives.

Fran Ayllón